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TechCrunch - Facebook To Block New Political Ads 1 Week Before November 3

Alethea Group Founder and CEO Lisa Kaplan comments on Facebook's new measures to combat misinformation ahead of 2020 election.

“This is a first step, but it doesn’t address the myriad of issues that could actually influence election outcomes,” said Lisa Kaplan, founder and CEO, Alethea Group, a specialist consultant on disinformation, in a statement. “The fact that you can alter advertising takes the teeth out of the proposed policy changes, and political advertising is only one piece of the disinformation puzzle. What’s more pressing is addressing that individuals have been fed a steady misinformation and disinformation diet for months, and one week of allegedly limiting advertising cannot be expected to make much of a difference. While this is a nice gesture — it’s unlikely to make an impact and leaves voters vulnerable to disinformation.”

Read the full article here.

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