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Case Study: QAnon Economy Emerges Online

With the US presidential election occurring in the midst of a global pandemic, detecting disinformation threats and educating voters about foreign and domestic attempts to influence and manipulate them is critical. Every voter should be aware of the false narratives and fake news.

While the US Government may be briefing elected and government decision-makers on disinformation, the majority of that information is classified and will not see the light of day. Yet in democratic elections, every voter is a decision maker, which is why Alethea, in partnership with the Global Disinformation Index will use public and open source information to inform voters of the networks seeking to undermine them. The public deserves truth; we are here to protect it.

Our fourth report, that was covered by the Washington Post, looks at the economy that has emerged around QAnon. With QAnon theories now making their way to mainstream feeds, this report is intended to help voters understand the financial stakeholders that benefit from and contribute to the dissemination of QAnon-generated conspiracies.

You can view the full report here.

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