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Business Insider - Conspiracies About Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Alethea Group VP Cindy Otis comments on conspiracy theories being spread about President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis.

Cindy Otis, a former CIA analyst, disinformation expert, and vice president of analysis at the Alethea Group, told Business Insider that rumours were spreading quickly but it was important to focus on reputable sources of information.

"This is one of those times when information is and will move rapidly, change, and come from many different sources. The President's positive diagnosis has already launched a range of global speculation and conspiracy theories.

"The risk is that those spread so rapidly that people start treating them as fact. People should focus on what we know from reputable media outlets and sources, and stick to those, rather than sharing the more sensational or conspiracies."

Read the full article here.

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